Health hacks that people with desk jobs must practice

Gone are the days when working people always remained fit! With the increasing number of desk jobs, the size of one’s tummy is also advancing in direct proportion to technology. He or she has entered into a complicated relationship with back pain, eyestrain and what not.

The excel champ who is chained with the office desk is unable to analyse his/her own health now. The consultant inside you definitely doesn’t want you to be among those 64% people who are at more risk of heart disease because of sitting more than 6 hours a day. Sitting seems to be the new smoking habit as it increases chances of developing lung cancer by over 50 percent.

However, we can’t break free from this sedentary lifestyle easily. So here are some quick measures which will help you to cope with it:

1. Deskercise - Smart way of exercising at your desk itself

Although, I'd say this gentleman over here, took this too far ;)

2. Organize office plank sessions

Doing plank exercise just for a minute everyday is a very effective way to shed some calories quickly and to get those rock hard abs you always dream of. Some will use it just to grab others’ attention, those guys are awesome. Just kidding about the rock hard abs though.

3. Become a posture pro

Perfect posture is a must for long days at the desk. Practice safe-desk ergonomics by adjusting the chair height to make sure the feet, hips, and arms are at 90-degree angle to the floor. Engage the core to keep the back straight throughout the day. Leaning forward is not allowed!.

4. Roam around the office

Keep standing during brainstorming sessions or casual meetings.Sometimes walk across the two departments to bug your partner from the previous project. Ride a cool bicycle to the office and take stairs instead of elevator. If you have Laptop, stand and work for 15 minutes everyday. More fun would be playing some indoor sports like Table Tennis daily for 15 min, if your office has one.

5. Food and drink cheatsheet

Drink lots of water and when i say that i mean literally lots of water. Water will maintain oxygen level in your body to keep you fresh. This will also make you go to washroom more and hence you would have to move your lazy bum more. Don’t have lunch at your desk, don’t skip breakfast, say no to soda, eat almonds, walnuts and other dry fruits.

6. Share this blog :)

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